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Mikail Khan


Generative AI Implementation & Strategy Consultant


Business Rule Solutions


Mikail Khan is a deep learning practitioner, software engineer, and emerging technologies analyst with 6 years of experience in natural language processing. After graduating from Rice University in 2015, Mikail studied deep learning, eventually going on to conduct early experiments into GPT-2 based classifiers in collaboration with Accenture’s Dock Innovation Hub. In 2019, he became a recipient of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute’s AI Safety Retraining Grant and began researching the development of safely-scalable deep reinforcement learning algorithms. Following this grant, he received funding to conduct research into forecasting capability growth in emerging technologies from private philanthropists in the Effective Altruism community upon recommendation from the Open Philanthropy Project’s Global Catastrophic Risks department. He later transitioned into private consulting, where he has worked to assist clients with generative AI application development and AI strategy on behalf of BRSai.

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