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BBC Highlight Session 2019: The Ascendant BA: Your Company Needs YOU

Alec Sharp

The Ascendant BA: Your Company Needs YOU – Alec Sharp @ Building Business Capability 2019

Whether you’re a Business Analyst or Business Architect, this is a great time to “do that thing you do”. With business change coming faster and faster, and the consequences greater and greater, analysts, architects, and specialists in process, data, and rules are making the difference in critical business initiatives. Without you, efforts from new product introduction, customer-centricity, fast software implementation, RPA, and AI will all suffer. Effective change can’t be left to luck or hope – skilled professionals in analysis, architecture, and rules are essential. Getting on track and staying there requires YOU to make the difference. And organisations around the globe are realising it! Find out what works, and what you need to know and do to seize the opportunity that is right in front of you. This is your Golden Age.

BBC Highlight 2019: The State of Agile Analysis

Angela Wick

The State of Agile Analysis : Angela Wick and Kupe Kupersmith @ Building Business Capability 2019

When many teams learn agile ways of working, they focus on the new processes, teamwork, and metrics like velocity.

Teams also struggle with Product Owner availability, carrying over stories, and getting quick and regular feedback; often finding out too late what they built is not what the user really needed. Teams are stuck with a backlog of enhancement and fix requests; innovation and the strategic agenda seems like a leadership fantasy, rather than reality.

Let’s put the customer back into the product and our team’s work! We will discuss analysis from the vision and big picture, to the details of the acceptance criteria. There are so many techniques and practices that teams are missing out on to get great products that customers will love!

Come discover what practices you can put to work on the team to get better visioning, better backlog refinement sessions, deeper conversations about the customer, and a more relevant product.

We will highlight analysis best practices, helping teams connect the agile analysis to the agile values of quick feedback, measuring what matters, limited WIP, transparency, working with business and customer groups, and swarming together as a cross functional team.

We will look at what the common anti-patterns are on agile teams that stifle analysis, and we will look at what teams that are getting great results are doing from a customer, product and analysis perspective!

Agile analysis is connected to great results!

Learning Objectives:

Understand what good agile analysis is

Discover and understand the anti-patterns of agile analysis and team practices

Discover what great product and analysis looks like at the team and organization levels

Connect analysis to agile team results and agile values

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BBC Highlight 2019: Excecutive Panel - Future View: The creative Organization

Matthew Winterbottom & Nicholas Selk

Excecutive Panel – Future View: The creative Organization  – Matthew Winterbottom & Nicholas Selk @ Building Business Capability 2019

Building business capability is about the future. It’s about mapping the trajectory of development in our complex, exciting, unknowable business ecosystem based on our experiences, insights, and aspirations. It’s a tough gig!  Future View is the BBC panel that accepts the challenge.

Taking up the theme of this year’s conference, the panel will explore what it might mean to unleash genuine creativity in our future organizations. We’ll thread a path between the ‘obvious’ short term changes and the radical changes that perhaps seem, for now at least, more sci-fi than reality. What might it be like to experience a-day-in-the-life of a truly creative organization of the future? 

BBC Highlight 2019: Your Customers are talking, it's time to listen

Matthew Winterbottom

Your Customers are talking, it’s time to listen – Matthew Winterbottom @ Building Business Capability

Learn how HSBC is focusing on the importance of customer insight in helping drive successful change, as well as how they are using AI/Machine Learning to help better understand their customers and their experiences to build better customer solutions and deliver more value.

BBC Highlight 2019: Designing Better Enterprises: The Art of Enterprise Design

Milan Guenther

Designing Better Enterprises – Milan Guenther @ Building Business Capability 2019 

Enterprise Design connects customer-centric product and service development to the enterprise transformation required to deliver. And no, this is not about running another Design Thinking workshop.

Looking back on 10 years of Design Practice experience applied at scale to challenging enterprise environments, Milan will show how to use Design to give shape to enterprises.

Applied in a holistic and systemic fashion, Enterprise Design can help us deal with challenges of innovation and transformation. It acts as the glue between Customer Experience and Business Architecture, and enables us tackle the complexity that makes ambitious endeavours so ambitious – and worthy of applying our collective intelligence and creativity.

Learning Objectives:

How to scale design practice to the enterprise level using a framework going from the Big Picture challenges to the tangible Rendering (and back)

Achieving traceability between the Customer Experience Journey, Operational Business Architecture, Processes and Organization

Take home a framework and approach to drive innovation and transformation projects by design in your own or client organizations

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BBC Highlight 2019: The Critical Role of Business Analysts in Delivering Machine Learning and AI

James Taylor

Only You Can Prevent AI Failures; The Critical Role of Business Analysts in Delivering Machine Learning and AI – James Taylor @ Building Business Capability 2019 

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are hot topics everywhere you go. Every organization wants to turn its digital data into gold. Data scientists are being hired, software is being purchased, clouds are being provisioned. Lots, and lots, of money is being spent to move to a new era of algorithmic, data-driven business!

And yet… not much is actually happening. Most data science projects are still experiments, trials or pilots – some have become shelfware. Outside of big-name internet firms, demonstrated success at scale is remarkably hard to find. Most companies make decisions the same way. Data science is over-promising and under-delivering.

The problem is that data scientists don’t know how to talk to business people or IT professionals. They can talk to the data just fine. They can’t talk to the business to find out what problems need to be solved. They can’t talk to IT to get their algorithms across the last mile of operational adoption.

They can’t talk to the business or to IT – but you can.

Learning Objectives:

Why decisions matter to ML and AI – and you

Business rules AND machine learning not business rules OR machine learning

Why and how to define decision requirements

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BBC Highlight 2019: How to Become and Nurture World Class Intrapreneurs

Nicholas Selk

How to Become and Nurture World Class Intrapreneurs – Nicholas Selk @ Building Business Capability 2019

In the corporate world, life comes at you fast. Learn this, do that, redo this, scratch that, we’re changing our strategy! It’s no secret that we are living in a time where the acceleration of innovation and complexity are exponentially increasing every day. So how do you create and nurture the right skills, mindsets and culture to continuously drive innovation for today’s and tomorrow’s markets? Learn how Cisco Systems has moved from 31st to 6th on BCG’s most innovative companies list and from 67th to 6th on Fortune’s Best companies to work for in the last 3 years. Strap in as we give you the unpolished, practioner-focused tips to help you build world class intrapreneurs.

BBC Highlight 2019 : Panel : Women in Tech

Reydan Yasar CBAP, Jasmine Lee, Christy Hartner & Barbara Carkenord

Panel : Women in Tech – Reydan Yassar CBAP, Jasmine Lee, Christy Hartner, Barbara Crakenord @ Building Business Capability 2019

According to a recent National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), 25% of the computing workforce is female. Come listen to our inter-generational panelists discuss the challenges and opportunities for women working in the technology field. This timely panel of professional women will explore opportunities, discuss struggles, share tips, and provide advice.

BBC Highlight 2019: Product Ownership Panel

Emily Midgley, Kent McDonald & Kevin Brennan

Product Ownership Panel – Emily Midgley CBAP, Kent McDonald, Kevin Brennan

So you think you understand what Product Ownership is all about? Join the discussion as we seek to understand how the role of Product Owner isn’t well understood but by leveraging your existing competencies, skills and techniques you can define the path to success for your organization’s products. This panel discussion will be led by industry experts that have already attained success in the realm of product ownership and will share their secrets as to how you too can be successful.

BBC Highlight 2019 : Designing Work : Business Processes are Here to Stay

Roger Burlton

Designing Work : Business Processes are Here to Stay – Roger Burlton @ Building Business Capability 2019

We all know, by now, that siloed approaches to managing ‘work’ are, at best, suboptimal and at worst a nightmare. With all the changes and pressures organizations face today, getting processes right is more important than ever. Customer experience and value delivery demands it. Information management and data quality is impossible without it. Business performance management and cross-functional business governance needs its aligned framework. Operational risk and compliance programs start with a process structure to establish controls for auditors to assess. Defining SOPs, roles and work instructions for workers are derived from process designs. Software design and development must know the requirements to connect the end to end dots. A digitalized process still follows a business workflow needed to assure data integrity. Agile software development needs a clear process scope and purpose. Culture change requires a framework to enable it to stick. No matter if you are dealing with enterprise-wide concerns or detailed development of specific business capabilities, a process-oriented approach just delivers better results. This ‘back to the future’ session will visit the most effective ways to use business processes to deliver better outcomes in all your efforts. Enterprise/Business level process practices Process design practices for customer value and an agile business Process modeling choices for business and software design Governance and ownership myths and realities The growing usage of processes for concurrently managing performance, risk and compliance.

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BBC Highlight 2019: Disrupt the Disruption : Engineering for Business Agility under Digital Transformation

Ronald G. Ross

Disrupt the Disruption : Engineering for Business Agility under Digital Transformation – Ronald Ross @ Building Business Capability 2019

Business agility doesn’t happen by accident. Tinkering with organizational schemes can be helpful, but will not be sufficient. Rapid software development can’t get you there either. You must engineer for change – and your solutions must be scalable and sustainable.

Challenges abound. Organizations are undergoing rapid digital transformation. Most processes and entire industries are being disrupted. How do you survive and thrive in these challenging times?

The Knowledge Age requires major adjustments. Professionals need a laser focus on the knowledge assets that make the company smart – rules, vocabularies, decisions, and strategy. Business agility can be engineered under digital transformation!

How you should think about business agility

Why data quality is more of a problem – and a different problem – than you think

Policy busting – key to business transformation

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BBC Highlight 2019: Panel Enabling Better Business Outcomes through Cybersecurity

Allen Parrish, Terry Baresh & Bindu Channaveerappa

Panel Enabling Better Business Outcomes through Cybersecurity – Allen Parrish, Terry Baresh, Bindu Channaveerappa & Kevin Haines @ Building Business Capability 2019 

IIBA has been working with leading security experts and our own BA experts on an effort to define how the BA role should assist in assuring that the applications and solutions we define requirements for, design and help build are fit for purpose and that they meet the business needs.  In this era of non-stop security concerns, it is often top of mind for business executives to know that security is covered.  BA’s are involved in cyber-security to help the business decision makers to make good security decisions, and to work with the deep experts to implement the necessary security. 

Ranging from working with the non-functional requirements aspects of business analysis has always been important to the profession.  This presentation will cover the basics of security and will talk to the key topics and the level of involvement and knowledge required to be effective to speak in business terms on each topic area.  It is specific look at how business analysts, data analysts, and process analysts need to understand security.

The key in the outcome is to assure that the business and the technical community can interact to assure that security is built in from the ground up and not bolted on.  It will show how decisions that balance security and ease of access, access control decisions, and platform decisions all are part of the new realm of non-functional requirements. 

This session is a must see for all who care about learning more about how BA’s and the associated professions need to learn what areas they need to focus their learning on, and hear from practitioners who are doing work in industries that are deeply concerned about security considerations.  

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