Unleash Clarity, Creativity and Engagement using Simple Visuals - Building Business Capability


Penny Pullan

Unleash Clarity, Creativity and Engagement using Simple Visuals


Thursday, November 14, 2019


10:40 am


Atlantic Ballroom 2


In our fast-paced world of work, where complexity is the norm and speed is of the essence, how can we draw out people’s creativity, when when it’s difficult to still their minds? How can we engage people in our project or presentation, when they’re likely to be distracted? How can we communicate as clearly as we possibly can, when we work on really complex, systemic challenges?

One answer is visual thinking, and specifically simple, hand-drawn graphics. Anyone can learn to draw these visual representations by hand, on paper or on a shared screen, to communicate clearly, to support innovation and creativity and to draw in colleagues and other stakeholders, wherever they are in the world. In this presentation, Penny will introduce short case studies of how visuals have transformed business analysis work around the world. You’ll learn why visuals work so well with human brains and how they help us to represent complex situations holistically. You’ll try out some simple visuals yourself and learn how to put them to use at work.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand how and why simple visuals are so powerful for clarity, creativity and engagement.
  • To build confidence to give simple visuals a go back at base
  • To find out what difference this had made to the work of others around the world

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