Turn Corporate Red Tape into a Bowtie: Sparking the Creative Mind - Building Business Capability

Turn Corporate Red Tape into a Bowtie: Sparking the Creative Mind


Friday, November 15, 2019


8:00 am


Regency Ballroom 3


The words “Innovation” and “Creativity” seem so elusive, vague, and outright intimidating at times. This session is one that will focus on the case study of how a small team navigated through the complexity, ambiguity and indefinite land of innovation. By sparking the creative mindset to build guiding principles, a backlog of tangible actions, a marketing and communication plan, and a trail of failures, we were able to modernize a very traditional company.

Every person has what it takes to innovate, but those skills need to be sparked and cultivated using a few of the techniques shared in the workshop. Providing structure learned from the case study around backlogging items to innovate, bringing others along on the journey and getting intimate with failure will leave you reaching for the stars!

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the top 3 Creative Attitudes with concrete examples of how to cultivate them in the corporate workplace
  • Walk through how Capital Group built an Innovation Backlog through all of the challenges of a large corporation
  • Provide tips and tricks for marketing innovations to people who are not open to the new and different
  • Deep Dive on the Resume of Failures- How Mistakes can be the Key to Success with examples from the CG Innovation Team

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