The Product Owner’s Right Hand - Building Business Capability


Alan S Koch

The Product Owner’s Right Hand


Tuesday, June 28, 2022


11:05 am


Regency 1


In this session, we’ll look at the role of the BA on an Agile project and the ways it might play out under different circumstances.How would it work, for example, if no Product Owner is assigned to the team? What if there is a Product Owner? What if they don’t have time to devote to the project? What if there are several Product Owners? Or a committee?

The BA can be important in any of these scenarios. But what they must do and how they must operate changes. So yes, we’ll have to look at each of them.

Session Outline

The Product Owner Role

The BA’s role when:

  • There is no Product Owner
  • There is an active Product Owner
  • There is an absentee Product Owner
  • There are several Product Owners
  • The Product Owner is a committee

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