Owning the Product Archives - Building Business Capability

Products not Projects! So why gather scope when you can jump right into building products?

This tutorial will walk through hands-on examples on how to get the right scope and scope level for products and build a strong foundation that will yield better features and user stories.

Are you working on highly technical initiatives? What do your features and user stories look like? Technical or showcasing business value?

The session will also cover real life examples of what to do when a product is perceived to be highly technical in nature and how the BA can lead the scrum team into producing artifacts that showcase the business value. It will illustrate challenges and impacts associated with the understanding/misunderstanding of the BA role on scrum teams and how to overcome those.

Learning Objectives:

Product owners (POs) face arguably the biggest challenges on Agile/Scrum efforts. Traditional software development has used similar roles for team members as does Scrum. The PO in Scrum has a somewhat new and unique role compared to the sponsor, “business representative,” or similar responsibilities with predictive approaches.

There are many reasons why the PO role can be challenging. This presentation explores several lessons learned from being an accidental product owner over several years. The list covers some obvious and not-so-obvious lessons learned along the way. The goal of the session is to help you and your teams avoid the pitfalls that led to the lessons learned.

If you play the PO role or interact extensively with one, you will gain a new perspective and learn tips you can apply immediately. It is equally relevant for business analysts who also play a PO role as well as for non-BA Product Owners.

Learning Objectives:

Whether you’re a Product Owner, part of an Agile team, or looking to expand your knowledge of Agile, this session will help you select the right technique for your situation.  We’ll review the top 10 Agile techniques that can lead you to success.  Some are commonly used, and there are some that might be new to you!  With experience as Product Owners, development team members, and Agile coaches, the presenters also bring experience to help you avoid common pitfalls.

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