The Power of Play: Uniting & Igniting Teams! - Building Business Capability

The Power of Play: Uniting & Igniting Teams!


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


11:05 am


Oceana Grand 8-10


From our earliest memories, play has been the fundamental mechanism by which we’ve engaged with the world. As children, we used play as an intuitive tool to learn, experiment, and form bonds with those around us. It was through the sandbox experiments and playground adventures that we tested boundaries, understood societal cues, and built enduring relationships. However, as we transitioned to adulthood, many of us began to perceive play as frivolous, relegating it to the sidelines in the name of productivity and professionalism.

This perspective overlooks an essential truth: the foundational benefits of play don’t diminish with age. In fact, when integrated into our professional lives, play can be the catalyst for increased creativity, deeper connections, and enhanced collaboration. By allowing ourselves the freedom to play, we unlock innovative pathways in problem-solving, foster trust among team members, and cultivate a culture of experimentation and learning.
In this talk, I will delve into the core aspects of play, including the elements of play and fun archetypes in how play comes to life in adulthood.  One highlight is the exploration of LEGO Serious Play, a methodology that harnesses the power of tactile creativity to address and overcome even the most complex challenges. Let’s rediscover the transformative power of play and embrace it as a cornerstone of collaborative success.

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