The 2024 approach to building great digital products with AI - Building Business Capability


Timothy Yeung

The 2024 approach to building great digital products with AI


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


2:55 pm


Grand Caribbean 11-12


In a landscape continually shaped by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially with the popularization of Generative AI, this engaging presentation will offer a timely insight into the technology strategies and technologies that help steer digital product development in 2024.

We will debunk myths about AI stealing jobs, how AI can be leveraged to become more agile and help address customers’ painpoints. We will also go through a real life case study on how the team at Hootsuite launched its first Generative AI capabilities through a spirit of innovation. We will offer attendees a glimpse into successful AI applications, lessons learned, and insights that can be leveraged in their day to day work to introduce delightful products to their customers.

We will also discuss ethical considerations and challenges that are inherent to AI, providing a balanced view of the responsibilities and pitfalls that product management and product development teams must navigate through.

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