How to Become and Nurture World Class Intrapreneurs - Building Business Capability


Nicholas Selk

How to Become and Nurture World Class Intrapreneurs


Friday, November 15, 2019


11:50 am


Great Hall 4 & 5


In the corporate world, life comes at you fast. Learn this, do that, redo this, scratch that, we’re changing our strategy! It’s no secret that we are living in a time where the acceleration of innovation and complexity are exponentially increasing every day. So how do you create and nurture the right skills, mindsets and culture to continuously drive innovation for today’s and tomorrow’s markets? Learn how Cisco Systems has moved from 31st to 6th on BCG’s most innovative companies list and from 67th to 6th on Fortune’s Best companies to work for in the last 3 years. Strap in as we give you the unpolished, practioner-focused tips to help you build world class intrapreneurs.

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