Carrying The Flag: Your Role as a Product Owner - Building Business Capability

Carrying The Flag: Your Role as a Product Owner


Wednesday, October 21, 2020


3:10 pm


This session will take my experience from the Military and equate it to today’s Product Owner.  What can we learn from how our military trains for and executes to ensure mission readiness.  Choosing your Battles, Conflict and Change Present Opportunity.  Timing is Critical and many more. Our military takes Agile to a whole new level.  We train our officers to make decisions in the heat of battle and that is what you as a product owner must do.  You must deal with a multitude of stakeholders, executive sponsors and developers who will be vying for your time and looking to you to make a decision.  When you step up and Carry The Flag for your Product you are leading the charge to delivering an exceptional product that your users will want to use.

Learning Objectives:

  • Choosing Your Battles: spreading ourselves too thin, our individual efforts has less power.
  • Conflict & Change Present Opportunity: make strongly informed, rational decisions and not decisions baseda on emotion.
  • Timing is Critical: Consider the timing of everything you do.
  • Creativity Creates Advantage: uniqueness, creativity, and innovation drive progress.
  • No on Wins in Conflict: The lesson? Don’t seek conflict– seek resolution

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