Business Process Optimization through Visualization - Building Business Capability

Business Process Optimization through Visualization


Thursday, November 14, 2019


8:00 am


Regency Ballroom 1


While attempting to understand our client’s business processes and issues, we found that there is often a gap between the strategy and the vision that led to the current implemented design. Through review of case studies, strategies do not make it into the core business operations due to lack of understanding between the current business process and the expected future state; the inability to visualize the end processes. In order to understand our client’s strategies, visions, and really dig into their issues, we have found using a holistic approach of creating 3D design models of their business from end to end paints a picture that not only helps us understand the current state of our client’s businesses and clarify requirements / issues they are telling us about but also tells us about the unknown issues that are just beneath the surface. we have been able to show an augmented current business process identifying pain points and producing future models that align with strategies while showing optimization gains before change begins.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how 3D modeling is applied to Business Process Optimization
  • Review steps taken to identify gaps in understanding current business process vs. the initiated strategy (Gap Analysis)
  • Identify the real-time value of seeing business process changes lead to bottom-line impact in your business before physical change is made

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