Bridging the gap between talent and triumph: Executive Presence - Building Business Capability

Bridging the gap between talent and triumph: Executive Presence


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


1:30 pm


Oceana Grand 8-10


Are you leadership material? If you are finding yourself questioning why you have been overlooked for promotions or job offers, it has likely nothing to do with your talent, accomplishments or skillsets. Executive presence is the bridge that takes you from talented to triumphant. Executive presence is the telegraph that signals to people that you are in charge or deserve to be perceived as a person of influence. In this presentation, we consider the 3 components of executive presence that make you leadership material. We present ideas that will help you advance in your careers and exude qualities of a true leader. This presentation is grounded in reality and based on corporate research, nation wide surveys and real data from technology companies who have performed extensive work in this field.

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