Analyzing Cultural Data: Decoding User Needs and Language - Building Business Capability

Analyzing Cultural Data: Decoding User Needs and Language


Friday, April 19, 2024


10:15 am


Grand Caribbean 1-2


How do we structure information in our products so it is intuitive to the user? When the user says they want something “exciting,” “fun,” or “different” – what exactly do they mean? What type of content is most relevant for users? Cultural domain analysis (CDA) includes a variety of techniques used to gather and analyze data to reveal the intricate dimensions that influence user perceptions, behaviors, and preferences. Through hands-on activities, this tutorial will introduce the CDA techniques of free listing and pile sorting cultural data. Participants will receive pre-collected data and “play” with two analysis software packages, Anthropac and FLARES, to identify salient cultural themes, conduct clustering analysis, and create a multi-dimensional model. To truly be “human-centric,” we have to understand the culture and language of our users; CDA offers a rigorous quantitative approach to doing so.

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