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BBC Business Leaders Symposium – Thursday Morning- 10:40am – 1:00pm – Diplomat Ballroom 4

Data-Driven Decision Making

Facilitated by James Taylor

Decisions are integral to digital transformation. Automating data-driven decisions is a vital step on the road to creating the agile enterprise, yet many enterprises are a long way from this goal.

Decision Management is an approach that improves day to day business operations. It increases an organization’s business agility and adaptability by making its system easier to monitor and change. It puts Big Data to work improving the effectiveness and profitability of every action. It is a proven framework for effectively applying innovative technologies such as business rules, predictive analytics and optimization.

According to The Decision Management Manifesto:

  1. Decisions, especially operational decisions, link an organization’s metrics and objectives to its operational systems.
  2. Decisions are first class objects, just like business processes or data, and should be identified, described, modeled, reviewed, and managed in business terms as part of a business architecture.
  3. Decisions should be modeled first before considering how business rules and or analytics will be used.
  4. Decisions support business processes and help organizations respond to events, but they are not subsumed by either processes or events, simplifying their expression and management.
  5. Business, IT, and analytic professionals all have a role in identifying, describing, modeling, reviewing, and managing decisions.

Join this peer-to-peer moderated session to explore the state of play in decision management, how your peers are considering implementation and its interaction with analytics, business rules and AI. Discuss how to build data-driven decision-making into the fabric of your organisation.

Your moderator will be:

James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions

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