Cybersecurity and Privacy - Building Business Capability

BBC Business Leaders Symposium – Thursday Afternoon- 2:00pm – 4:05pm – Diplomat Ballroom 4

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Facilitated by Ken Fulmer
The gap between the deep technical experts of cyber-security and the business often makes it hard to get the best outcomes to balance security against other priorities.  With data privacy issues, industry specific regulations in finance, healthcare and other areas, this problem has gotten increasingly complex. Ken will facilitate a session on the key areas of the basics of security needed to be understood by everyone involved in “building in” and not “bolting on” security.  In this era, it is imperative to build business processes and systems with security in mind from the ground up.  Helping business executives to understand what the implications are of their decisions is about the kind of collaboration of technical, process, customer experience, and business factors needing to be balanced and how to make the right decisions at the right time to assure a secure environment.  This will be a learning oriented session with some high content in cyber-security while keeping it explainable to all.
Your moderator will be: Ken Fulmer, President and CEO of IIBA (previously holding roles as CTO and CIO with several major (Fortune 50) corporations)
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