Business Agility & Business Transformation - Building Business Capability

BBC Business Leaders Symposium – Wednesday Afternoon, 2:00pm – 5:00pm- Diplomat Ballroom 4

Business Agility & Business Transformation

Facilitated by Roger Burlton & Ron Ross

As we move ever deeper into the Knowledge Age, the biggest challenge for organizations is the ability to change. Changing fast is one thing, but doing so in a way that holds onto customers and markets is hard. Effective business transformation can involve:

Keeping your interrelated set of business capabilities aligned is incredibly difficult. Changes to one area impact others in complex ways. And to stay relevant you are called upon to transform not just once, but continuously. The goal is to manage transformation in a way that, over time, allows easier and easier change on all fronts simultaneously.

Agile software is not a sufficient answer. We need a path to agile business, one that avoids surprises and unintended consequences due to lack of awareness about inherent dependencies. An agile business features strong business knowledge used on-the-spot to rapidly assess the impact of change. Compliance and traceability are built-in, not add-ons.

Join us in this lively working session to engage with peers in brainstorming the way forward. Your moderators will be:

Together with John Zachman, Ron and Roger are authors of the ground-breaking 2018 Business Agility Manifesto.

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