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Scott Seidewitz


Founder and Principal


The Seidewitz Group


Scott Seidewitz is a leader, innovator and contrarian who is not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom in the marketing strategy and research field. For more than 17 years, his firm The Seidewitz Group has helped companies large and small use deep customer understanding to grow their top line. His clients include Intel, GE, Merck, Intuit, AliBaba, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Align Technology (makers of Invisalign). Scott developed his unique marketing perspective while pursuing graduate studies at MIT and serving as a political strategist and P&G brand manager. A vocal critic of the lack of scientific rigor in market research, some of Scott’s key innovations are in applied neuroscience. Using the science of memory and motivation, Scott has developed and field tested a number of techniques to better understand and influence customer behavior. The high ROI of these applied techniques stands in sharp contrast to expensive and difficult to apply “neuro-research” techniques, such as brain imaging and biometric research.

Scott’s insights extend into the role of market research itself. He’s called for a reimagining of the research function in today’s knowledge-driven, fast-moving business world. In Scott’s view the traditional role of researcher as project manager should be replaced with a new role as enabler, advocate and disseminator of customer insights.

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