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Jill Boehme


Senior Business Analyst


SROA Capital


Jillian Boehme is a seasoned Business Analyst with a wealth of experience and knowledge that has propelled her into the upper echelons of the business world. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a certification in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Jillian’s career has been a journey of unlocking the mysteries of business data, turning it into valuable insights.

With a track record of transforming complex data into actionable strategies, Jillian has been the driving force behind multiple organizations’ success stories. Her analytical prowess knows no bounds, and her commitment to achieving results is unwavering.

Jillian’s journey began at Citrix Systems, where she honed her analytical skills and learned the intricacies of deciphering the business landscape. She quickly became known for her ability to work with multiple business teams and IT allowing the two to talk to one another thru her.

With a deep passion for continuous improvement, Jillian pursued her Master of Business Administration (MBA), which further enriched her strategic thinking and leadership abilities. This educational journey allowed her to seamlessly blend theory with practicality, making her a true asset to any organization.

Subsequently, Jillian joined Office Depot and later Uniform Advantage, where her reputation as a results-
driven Business Analyst continued to flourish. Her innovative approaches to problem-solving assisted
teams with trouble shooting issues on every scale.

Throughout her career, Jillian has never shied away from challenges. Her ability to navigate complex IT
landscapes and communicate effectively with stakeholders from various departments has been
instrumental in bridging gaps and ensuring the successful implementation of projects.

Jillian Boehme is not just a Business Analyst; she is a problem solver, a strategic thinker, and a results-
oriented professional. Her unwavering commitment to her craft and her passion for turning data into
action have made her a driving force in the world of Business Analysis.

As she continues her career journey at SROA Capital, Jillian aims to empower more businesses with the
knowledge and insights they need to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. She is a true believer that
data-driven decisions are the cornerstone of success, and she’s on a mission to make this belief a reality for companies of all sizes.

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