WiT Session 1 - Elevate Your Human at Work - Building Business Capability


Lynn Almoro

WiT Session 1 - Elevate Your Human at Work


Thursday, May 11, 2023


2:00 pm


Alliance 304


Dear Employee,

I’d like to report a crisis that has been brewing for a while now. 

Symptoms associated with this crisis: Zoom fatigue. Quiet quitting.  Remote and hybrid work arrangements.  Return to office.  No work-life harmony.  Productivity pressures.  Bloated calendar.  Burnout.  Stress.

To survive this crisis, I’ve had to up-my-game to get ahead, and somewhere in this process, I’ve lost my human at work.  This has resulted in growing tension between my colleagues, and my overall well-being is compromised.  Please help. 


The human you lost.

We need to bring our human back!

In this session, you will learn practical ways you can use immediately to elevate your human at work and ignite a new movement that will help you thrive (not just survive) through this new normal.

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