Who's The Sidekick Now? Where and how PEOPLE matter in the world of BPM AI - Building Business Capability


J-M Erlendson

Who's The Sidekick Now? Where and how PEOPLE matter in the world of BPM AI


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


1:30 pm


Grand Caribbean 8-10


With the rise and promise of AI in Business Process Management (BPM), it’s natural to wonder how human actors fit into the rapidly evolving improvement cycle. What does it mean for us, what are the future knowledge worker jobs in Process and Architecture, and how can we best prepare for our new future – Augmented BPM?

In this session, we’ll delve into the intricate relationship between humans and AI in the realm of BPM, exploring not only the implications but also the opportunities it presents. We’ll address pressing questions such as:

What can AI reasonably and reliably figure out on its own? Understanding the extent of AI’s capabilities is crucial in determining where human intervention remains essential for optimal BPM outcomes.

What knowledge tasks can (and should) human actors exclusively perform in an AI-powered environment? Identifying the unique cognitive abilities and creative insights that humans bring to the table is vital for carving out their indispensable roles in the BPM landscape.

How should AI and humans work hand-in-hand to complement each other and drive operational excellence? Discovering synergistic approaches where AI augments human decision-making and vice versa is key to unlocking the full potential of augmented BPM.

Join us as we navigate these critical considerations, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of human-AI collaboration in BPM. Additionally, we’ll showcase a selection of early value cases that highlight the transformative impact of AI-powered business process management practices, offering tangible insights and inspiration for organizations seeking to harness the power of augmented BPM.

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