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What’s Hot: AI Trends in Business Analysis


Friday, October 23, 2020


8:00 am



Wonder where the business analysis industry is heading? The answer is that the latest trend is business analysts (BAs) helping organizations get the most value from their Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives. This interactive presentation covers a range of topics from the need for digital fluency to the need for an AI translator role to the importance of organizational agility on digital projects. There will be several discussions on what these trends mean for practitioners of business analysis.

Some of the topics included are:

  • Why so many AI initiatives are not meeting expectations
  • How BAs can help ensure that AI initiatives are focused on business value rather than on fascinating technology
  • The importance of Agility on digital initiatives
  • Why translators are needed on successful AI initiatives
  •  The many roles of the digital BA

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how BAs can help organizations focus on AI as a value-driven initiative
  • Discuss the various BA roles from strategic advisor to business data analyst
  • Discuss the importance of organization agility on digital projects

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