What’s Data Got To Do With It? - Building Business Capability


Tony Mauro

What’s Data Got To Do With It?


Wednesday, October 21, 2020


1:50 pm


Enterprise architecture (EA) involves managing hundreds of systems, technologies and infrastructure assets in addition to the associated business processes. Such complexity, along with change and innovation management, makes it difficult to keep the EA repository current — gathering the information consumes time and resources, and data collected through traditional means is often incomplete, out of date or doesn’t have the level of detail required for informed decision-making.

This session will explore the power of combining your data and business architectures to ensure your central source of truth is always up to date. The benefit? Your enterprise architects can spend more time delivering strategic value to your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to provide accurate and up-to-date architecture, which is the most expensive & challenging aspect of EA.
  • How to reduce resources & cost.  By not having to do your own as-is architecture, you don’t need both internal resources & business SMEs to tell you what the correct information is.
  • How to provide  “just-in-time” architecture.  In today’s climate, self-service and ad-hoc impact analysis can make an enterprise architecture team more relevant in an agile environment.  Architects are able to quickly answer critical business questions that support leadership making strategic decisions. 

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