Unlocking the Best Practices of Customer Experience Management - Building Business Capability


Roy Barnes

Unlocking the Best Practices of Customer Experience Management


Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019


8:50 am


Great Hall 4 & 5


The importance of formally managing your customer experience has never been greater in today’s ultra-competitive markets. Organizations closest to their customers are growing fast, while their competitors are being left behind.

The solution is to super-charge your customer experience in ways that unlocks customer, financial and employee engagement.  

In our keynote session, you’ll explore:

  • The 8 best practices that produce the fastest financial and quantitative customer results.
  • How to unleash the untapped power of your workforce
  • How technology can both help and trap customer teams and leaders
  • How rapid touchpoint re-design can improve experience quickly and produce substantial cost reductions
  • How to use clearer customer metrics to stay aligned and productive 

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