Unlock the Secrets to Achieving Growth and Overcoming Obstacles - Building Business Capability


Rochelle Tan

Unlock the Secrets to Achieving Growth and Overcoming Obstacles


Thursday, April 18, 2024


4:45 pm



Grand Caribbean 3-5


Tired of a chaotic work environment? Struggling with cross-dependencies and unsure how to overcome them? Look no further.

In this fast-paced world, speed, quality, and consistency are essential for staying ahead. Unfortunately, many organizations are at risk of becoming obsolete. They suffer from misalignment and lack of transparency, resulting in missed deadlines, overtime hours, low quality work, and demotivated teams.

This session will uncover the journey of a fintech company that successfully transformed their operations as a grassroots operation. Discover how they identified the need for change and leveraged both internal and external expertise to develop a model for success. Hear about their challenges, triumphs, and ongoing commitment to growth.

Don’t let obstacles hold you back. Learn from the best and pave your way to continuous improvement and success.

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