Transformation from Business Analyst to Knowledge Engineer - Building Business Capability

Transformation from Business Analyst to Knowledge Engineer


Thursday, November 14, 2019


8:00 am


Diplomat Ballroom 3


Over the last six years, companies have increasingly struggled with the upkeep of business decisions and processes. If new opportunities arise and prompt changes to software applications and systems, the IT group comes under renewed pressure to roll out these changes faster than ever before.

Companies have to invest in Business Rules Management Systems to allow for the implementation and management of rules in a consistent, visible and traceable manner, separated from other IT systems.

Great! Problem solved, but not so fast. Are we now placing the management of business rules/decisions in the hands of the IT organization? This is the dilemma that most companies face today.

We have the tools, but who will police and author these rules and processes? This is where the Knowledge Engineer comes to the rescue.

The need for managing knowledge in an organization has become a critical factor for success. Whether organizations want to acknowledge it or not, knowledge has become the center of modern software architectures.

Learning Objectives:

  • Who is responsible for managing organizational knowledge
  • How an organization can be successful at managing knowledge
  • What role a Knowledge Engineer plays and his/her responsibilities
  • The skills and capabilities needed to be a Knowledge Engineer

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