The Value-Based Approach to a Product Strategy - Building Business Capability

The Value-Based Approach to a Product Strategy


Thursday, May 11, 2023


3:05 pm


Academy 414


Tactical focus is a requirement for most product management folks. Value-based product development enables product teams create the most value for the least effort. New and game-changing ideas are evaluated against strategic goals, cost/effort to develop and customer needs, and it puts assessing both customer and business value at the center of product-related decisions, whilst measuring what was ultimately achieved. Good product teams tend to follow value-based product development approach when evaluating individual features and choosing what to prioritize on the product roadmap next.

Do you want to learn how to first settle on value metrics that can be used consistently to vet what gets built and understand performance and key results before speccing out requirements? Join Oluwabori as he shares from an 18-month project experience on how to estimate value during idea management and early concepting, refine during feature scoping, and measuring the actual value upon release.

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