The State of Agile Analysis 2019 - Building Business Capability

The State of Agile Analysis 2019


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


4:15 pm


Great Hall 4 & 5


When many teams learn agile ways of working, they focus on the new processes, teamwork, and metrics like velocity.

Teams also struggle with Product Owner availability, carrying over stories, and getting quick and regular feedback; often finding out too late what they built is not what the user really needed. Teams are stuck with a backlog of enhancement and fix requests; innovation and the strategic agenda seems like a leadership fantasy, rather than reality.

Let’s put the customer back into the product and our team’s work! We will discuss analysis from the vision and big picture, to the details of the acceptance criteria. There are so many techniques and practices that teams are missing out on to get great products that customers will love!
Come discover what practices you can put to work on the team to get better visioning, better backlog refinement sessions, deeper conversations about the customer, and a more relevant product.

We will highlight analysis best practices, helping teams connect the agile analysis to the agile values of quick feedback, measuring what matters, limited WIP, transparency, working with business and customer groups, and swarming together as a cross functional team.

We will look at what the common anti-patterns are on agile teams that stifle analysis, and we will look at what teams that are getting great results are doing from a customer, product and analysis perspective!

Agile analysis is connected to great results!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what good agile analysis is
  • Discover and understand the anti-patterns of agile analysis and team practices
  • Discover what great product and analysis looks like at the team and organization levels
  • Connect analysis to agile team results and agile values

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