The Human Side of Data: A Roadmap to Data Culture - Building Business Capability


Vanessa Lam

The Human Side of Data: A Roadmap to Data Culture


Thursday, May 11, 2023


11:35 am


Alliance 305


When seeing data problems, the most obvious solutions are technical. Do we have good tools? Architecture? Clean pipelines? But what if the problems are people related – they’re unwilling to use the data, they don’t trust it, and different people use it differently? It is important to focus not only on the technical data issues, but also the Data Culture.

Data Culture is the way that people in your organization view and interact with data. Do they trust data? Is it a nuisance that they have to deal with? Is it something management wishes was used more often, but mostly neglected? Do they turn to it when making decisions?

This presentation will provide an actionable 12-month roadmap to getting from a culture that is distrustful of its data to one that uses it to drive decisions.

Culture work is not a magic bullet, but a slow and steady march towards improving peoples’ relationship with data. We will discuss how to assess your own data culture, timelines, steps, and signs that your efforts are yielding results.

Learning Objectives:

  • 12-month actionable roadmap towards improving data culture
  • Tips and templates to facilitate communication with stakeholders and executives
  • Long-term actions for data culture maintenance

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