The Dysfunction of Functionally Structured Organizations - Building Business Capability

The Dysfunction of Functionally Structured Organizations


Friday, May 12, 2023


10:15 am


Academy 411


In many companies, Executives cling to the organizational chart as if it holds a set of magic keys to success. We play a game of chess, moving pieces around and employing some poor soul to edit that box and line graph a hundred times a year. We hastily point to the clear lines to argue when a department “needs to learn to stay in their lane.” But what if this reliance is the cause of an unstable, crumbling foundation? What if the battle for proactive, controlled, and continuous improvement with sustainable success is only a battle because of the structure we have set? Organizationas pursuing a process-centric operational methodology must deconstruct the functional org chart – after all, it’s anything but funcitonal. Here’s why every organization today must operate as a matrix-based organization to achieve sustainable success.

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