The Crucial Analysis Skill: Unlearning - Building Business Capability

The Crucial Analysis Skill: Unlearning


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


2:55 pm



Oceana Grand 11-12


Business analysts are some of the most proactive individuals in their careers and more.  Just like this conference they are constantly striving to learn new methodologies and techniques and approaches and skill sets and even mindsets to deliver more value.

Now what if one of the most critical skills for tomorrow is actually UNlearning?  Yes, trying to unpack weight of prior structures and guidance so that you can be open to new possibilities?  Yes, finding new ways to look at the world and challenges we face by remove barriers of all that amazing stuff you’ve already learned!

In the exciting and dynamic world of tomorrow, unlearning is a key skill set analysts will need in their tool box to not only innovate, but to also allow those creative solutions to come into play by leveraging what the world is evolving too.  Remember the world is changing faster as a whole than any of us individuals can change and so rethinking our thinking might just be the insights we all need!

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