The Core Concepts of Business Architecture - Building Business Capability


Roger Burlton

The Core Concepts of Business Architecture


Monday, November 11, 2019


9:00 am


Atlantic Ballroom 3


Business Architecture provides a strong foundation for business-wide transformation, digitization and optimization and is the basis for having an agile business. Given the inherent complexities, making the right choices in what to change is not simple. Avoiding duplication and sub-optimization means that all of the moving parts must be classified, well understood and inter-connected before change can confidently begin. Business Architecture subject areas are numerous. Processes and capabilities and other important domains are complex enough. Being able to find the interconnections among them is even more so. A well-formed Business Architecture can help untangle the confusion and deliver inherently adaptable solutions.

This session will introduce some of the critical elements needed.

  • Stakeholder Value Orientation
  • Business Concepts / Information models
  • Business Processes
  • Business Capabilities
  • Business Measurement
  • Change Prioritization
  • Process / Capability Alignment

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