The Align > Refine > Design Approach to Data Modeling - Building Business Capability

The Align > Refine > Design Approach to Data Modeling


Thursday, May 11, 2023


8:00 am


Alliance 305


Data modeling is the process of identifying and documenting the data within our initiatives. As our architectures get more complex, data modeling becomes more important. Our traditional data modeling approach, however, falls short of modeling the full range of data solutions. Without a standard approach, many organizations take extreme positions from avoiding modeling altogether to spending way too much time on modeling.

Instead, what is needed is an approach that gracefully accommodates data modeling principles and goals when applied to any initiative. I call this the Align > Refine > Design approach. That is, the proven principles of modeling applied to our complex data architecture. 

You will learn:·          

  • The value of Align in capturing a common business vocabulary          
  • The value of Refine in documenting the business requirements          
  • The value of Design in creating an efficient database structure

No data modeling experience necessary. It will be educational and yes, even fun!

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