Start with the Question: Complicated Answers to Simple Questions - Building Business Capability

Start with the Question: Complicated Answers to Simple Questions


Thursday, May 11, 2023


4:45 pm


Organizations have been budgeting more money into data tooling including moving their data stacks to the cloud and investing money in data analytics and engineering talent. While the data stack modernization movement has been moving full steam ahead, how much of the effort has really resulted in making the right data available to answer some key business questions? The objective of the session is to discuss the different phases of the Data Value Chain, where the gaps are in that chain and some tips for avoiding common pitfalls. For business leadership and Data product managers, getting back to the basics of what questions are organizations trying to answer, what raw data sources do we have (Data producers) and establishing the organization’s Data domains are critical steps for identifying data that can be transformed into valuable insights for an organization as well as utilizing your organization’s data to improve user experiences.

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