Smarter Decision Engines for Declarative Decision Modeling - Building Business Capability


Jacob Feldman

Smarter Decision Engines for Declarative Decision Modeling


Friday, May 12, 2023


10:15 am


Ultimate Business Decision Modeling tools should support the following situation: a business analyst (subject matter expert) defines a business problem, and a smart decision engine solves the problem by finding the best possible decision. Such declarative decision modeling assumes that a business user specifies WHAT TO DO and a decision engine figures out HOW TO DO it. This is quite opposite to the Procedural approach frequently used in traditional programming.

Rules-based products made dramatic progress in this direction in the last 20 years giving control over business logic to business people. However, they still frequently force them to define HOW to come up with a good decision. Modern business rules products (rule engines) should become much smarter.

This presentation we will present a new practical approach that utilizes a combination of a rule engine and an off-the-shelf constraint solver and will demonstrate how it works by building a few declarative decision models.

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