Shared Capability Architecture Case Study - Building Business Capability

Shared Capability Architecture Case Study


Thursday, May 11, 2023


8:00 am


Have you ever encountered any of these scenarios?

  • How can I balance foundational and strategic capability needs?
  • How can I build my product roadmap effectively if I don’t know what capabilities are available to me?
  • How do I proactively account for the many dependencies and synergies at play? 
  • How do I optimize investment in common needs and when does it makes sense to do so by solving for the capability gap at an enterprise level vs. one-off solution approaches?

The need to adapt quickly and understand internal capabilities (people, process, data, and technology) in order to advance products and services continues to be the critical bridge between strategy and execution.  Learn from a multi-discipline business architecture approach to understanding and advancing shared capabilities.   Learn from techniques that have been applied through a journey of grass roots and top down efforts to advance business architecture practices

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