Process Maps should be more like Google Maps - Building Business Capability


Scott Helmers

Process Maps should be more like Google Maps


Sunday, June 26, 2022


1:30 pm


Regency 1


When you use a Google map, you want to see where your destination is in relation to where you are. But you also want to know what you’ll find along the way; what the traffic conditions are like; which way to go in case of an accident. In contrast, when you look at most process maps, all you get is a picture. Sure, it’s helpful to see the path from start to finish, but you also need to identify the key players; what risks you’ll encounter; which alternate paths you might need; and where to get additional information. If your organization’s process maps are little more than pictures, come to this workshop to get hands-on experience creating content-rich maps. The exercises for this workshop were created for Microsoft Visio but many of the ideas could be used with other mapping software. Note: this is a hands-on workshop. You will need a laptop with Microsoft Visio installed, preferably Visio Professional or Visio Plan 2, although you’ll be able to complete most exercises with Visio Standard.

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