Powered by Business Analysis: Improving Outcomes Across Industries and Roles - Building Business Capability


Keith Ellis

Powered by Business Analysis: Improving Outcomes Across Industries and Roles


Wednesday, May 10, 2023


2:55 pm


Alliance 304


How do you explain business analysis to someone outside our profession? How do you get executives that don’t know business analysis to want more of it? How do you apply the techniques of business analysis to other professions? And most importantly… why is business analysis an essential set of skills every professional needs to learn? Keith Ellis, IIBA’s Chief Engagement and Growth Officer is going to draw on examples from our relationship with the Human Resources Professionals Association, IIBA’s work with various financial associations, and real sales scenarios to show common themes across professions. Let’s burrow into the fun and frustration of explaining what a business analysis professional is to a family member, talk through where other professions see value in the business analysis, and look at the analysis techniques that get these professionals engaged!

This session is not about teaching non-business analysis professionals to be Business Analysts – this session is about how to educate, so everyone knows the value business analysis brings to achieving better business outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Business analysis at the Human Resources Professionals Association…  what techniques are exciting and build a more strategic HR practitioner.
  • Going from good at sales to great! Three business analysis techniques I use to engage customers. 
  • Business analysis in the financial profession – What is nimble finance and why do business analysis practitioners need to know about it?
  • Tips and traps – Communicating your message of business analysis value across industries.

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