Perfect your Pitch through Ritual Dissent - Building Business Capability

Perfect your Pitch through Ritual Dissent


Thursday, April 18, 2024


10:30 am


Oceana Grand 8-10


You or your team have a great, innovative idea. Everyone’s thrilled! Management will love it! Only, they don’t. Your pitch raises so many questions and concerns. “Did you actually think this through very well?” Of course not! It’s only a rough idea. Why don’t they ‘get’ it? Maybe we should have prepared better, but that takes time. Doesn’t it? Not with Ritual Dissent!

Ritual Dissent is a workshop method designed to rapidly test and enhance proposals, stories, ideas or whatever by subjecting them to ritualised dissent (challenge) or assent (positive alternatives). Your idea is being discussed and challenged by a group of peers while you are facing away from the group, thereby depersonalising feedback, forcing you to listen and preventing you from participating in the discussion to defend your idea.

It’s an engaging and energising technique to ignite your and your idea’s potential in no time.

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