Opening Keynote - Generative AI: What? So What? Now What? What Next? - Building Business Capability


Jim Sterne

Opening Keynote - Generative AI: What? So What? Now What? What Next?


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


8:50 am


Grand Caribbean 6-7


Generative AI presents tremendous opportunities, but most companies are trapped in the research cycle. Jim draws on lessons from the computer revolution, digital transformation, the mobile revolution, and Robotic Process Automation, to deliver a rational roadmap for the adoption of generative AI capabilities. In addition to this blueprint from executive alignment to measuring the impact of new projects, Jim cracks open the door to a new, step-change type of computing that goes way beyond productivity and automation. Get ready for the shift from computation and automation to inspiration and innovation. This is a tool for improving your imagination, creativity, and analytical thinking.

              How Large Language Models really work

              A formal, step-by-step plan for GenAI adoption

              Managing organizational fears and mitigating risk

              Thinking outside the content generation and automation box

              Elevating your strategic, innovative, and intellectual capacity

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