Now is the future of Business Automation - Building Business Capability

Now is the future of Business Automation


Thursday, April 18, 2024


4:45 pm


Grand Caribbean 11-12


The past year has seen a reimagining of work – generative AI, digital labor, event automation, and data fabric are changing how we capture process decide and derive insights. How will these revolutions change Business Automation? What does a business professional need to know? Join us to explore the brave new world of Business Automation – where the traditional elements of automation including document processing, content services, workflows and decision management become smarter and more efficient. Where self-organizing digital workers use generative AI and operational intelligence to become smart personal assistants. Using a real-life retail setting and a collection of use cases, we describe how these new technologies can be combined with traditional automation, what improvements can be expected, and what can be potential pitfalls.

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