Myths of Business Architecture - Building Business Capability


Roger Burlton

Myths of Business Architecture


Tuesday, June 28, 2022


1:30 pm


Diplomat 2


Business Architecture, like other promising methods from past, is ripe with great opportunity for organizations to get their act together and thrive. It is also full of misleading protestations from incumbents and newbies, both with vested interests, dogmatic mindsets and frankly, a lot of promises that just do not work well in reality. Many practitioners are advocating overly-simple methods that aim to solve complex challenges that are more hope than strategy. This is an area that can easily become academic, where methodology seems to become more important than practicality. In this session, Roger Burlton an experienced pioneer in applying pragmatic Business Architecture practices, will lead the peer-to-peer discussion on what works well and what is misleading and risky for business architects everywhere.  You can expect some controversy so come and join the discussion.

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