Move Toward a Process Oriented Enterprise with a Process Knowledge Base - Building Business Capability

Move Toward a Process Oriented Enterprise with a Process Knowledge Base


Thursday, April 18, 2024


4:45 pm


Grand Caribbean 8-10


Processes – the heart of getting work done. But how do you access them? They aren’t always clearly visible or understandable. We have created a process knowledge base, accessible across the organization. This knowledge base shows processes in many ways, including by business life cycle. Starting a new project or program? Peruse the knowledge base for inspiration from others. Just curious about how another organization works? Search the knowledge base for answers. Never hired before, but need to? Find hiring-related processes in the knowledge base.

We have empowered people to document their processes using a common notation, an easy and low-cost tool for modeling, and a smart modeling approach. Model metadata and a hyperlink to the model are stored in the process knowledge base. This has transformed the communication of processes, enabling stakeholders to see and understand process logic and responsibilities.

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