Mindset Matters - How to Thrive in This New World! - Building Business Capability


Angela Wick

Mindset Matters - How to Thrive in This New World!


Monday, October 19, 2020


9:00 am



To succeed today you need a different mindset and approach to your work. Agile, Digital, Data and Security trends all call us to think differently, help change org cultures, and yes; we actually need to work differently!

This workshop will be an interactive experience to challenge your existing thought patterns and experiences and how you view your work and skills. You will experience activities that will challenge pre-existing norms, and help you see the future and your role differently. After each mind-bending activity, we will debrief on how the newly learned mindset is needed and used as we work with agile, digital, data and cybersecurity themes of projects.

Learning objectives:

  • Challenge preexisting thought patterns about how we need to work
  • Recognize new mindsets to shift to more agile, digital, data and cybersecurity themed projects
  •  Identify changes that need to be made in my work to modernize my behaviors

Come join a fun, interactive, collaborative session to explore what might be holding you back from rocking the future of work!

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