Managing all our processes—and other impossible dreams​ - Building Business Capability


Roger Tregear

Managing all our processes—and other impossible dreams​


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


11:35 am


Regency 1


In the business of process management, we need to focus.

How many business processes are there in your organization? A few? A handful? Dozens? Depending how deep you go into the process hierarchy, there are at least hundreds and more like thousands. Go just a bit deeper and there are tens of thousands.
So, you have thousands of important processes to be managed and continuously improved? Tens of thousands of them! How could that work? It’s just not possible.
The good news is that neither is it necessary.
Knowing a little bit about lots of processes is quite useless. Much better to know a great deal about fewer processes. Build deep knowledge of process content and context allowing better decisions about managing process, and therefore organizational, performance.
This presentation explains the Process Priority Pyramid and how to select the optimum set of processes for active management and the knowledge required to achieve that.

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