Living the Dream: Turning Strategic Intent into Operational Results - Building Business Capability

Living the Dream: Turning Strategic Intent into Operational Results


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


10:30 am


Great Hall 3


The number one pain point for Chief Executives is their bewilderment that no matter how crystal clear they think they have been about the future they want; the dream struggles to becomes reality.  Why is transformation so hard and what can we do as architects, analysts, designers and developers?

The challenge we face is to translate intention – the ends – into organizational ability to attain it – the means – and stay aligned to purpose as we do so. This requires a set of traceable translation stages utilizing diverse professional practices to be navigated and for each to be as straightforward as can possibly be. No one can have any doubt about the path they are on and that all paths end up at the same destination as envisaged in the first place.

This session will provide practices and critical success factors to maintain the vision and guide the choices while navigating the journey.

  • Differentiating Ends and Means
  • Finding the shared North Star
  • Using an outside in – outcome based – approach to connect the dots
  • Risks and Critical Success Factors for dealing with senior leaders
  • Freedom within your Framework

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