Knowledge as Part of Every Business Solution - Building Business Capability

Knowledge as Part of Every Business Solution


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


1:30 pm


Grand Caribbean 6-7


Our business products and services are ever more complex and knowledge-intensive. Yet digital solutions mean people spend less and less time face-to-face. It’s a constant struggle for individuals in the community to keep up, whether manager, worker, software engineer, customer, or supplier. The problem is far more pervasive and detrimental that most realize. What is your organization doing to institutionalize and communicate everyday business knowledge? How can you better support everyday learning in automated solutions?

A learner-friendly business solution is inherently architected to:

  • support onboarding new customers and new workers
  • retain knowledge from departing workers
  • enable superior self-service
  • improve learning curves
  • produce meaningful data of the highest quality
  • breakdown silos

Addressing everyday business knowledge properly involves common-sense practices all professionals should know. Using down-to-earth examples, this presentation discusses pragmatic steps you can take to support learning at its most fundamental level.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a concept model (business ontology)
  • Use business rules for maximum effect
  • Capture pragmatic bits of corporate memory
  • Support individual knowledge journeys
  • Promote knowledge engagement
  • Build a knowledge culture

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