Hybrid Facilitation - Building Business Capability

Hybrid Facilitation


Monday, April 15, 2024


9:00 am


Grand Caribbean 3-5


First we’re in person.  Then we’re completely digital.  And now we’re somewhere in the in-between.  Learn the lost art of facilitation in this new frontier where the same principles and results still apply, and even are expected, yet can easily be navigated with a tailoring of your approach.

Who (and where) do you look at?  Can you do group activities when only one person is online?  Or what about when only two people are in person?  And the technology isn’t cooperating and your boss expects results at two times the speed with greater results than you did in person just because you’re using technology!

Let’s walk through all of this by practicing how to be a successful facilitator in a safe environment collaborating WITH your teams for successful outcomes.  Learn how to make others feel engaged by participating in this hands-on, immersive workshop to help you be successful wherever your analysis work takes you!

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