How to make cross-functional teams work on the same goal - Building Business Capability


Elena Zhukova

How to make cross-functional teams work on the same goal


Friday, May 12, 2023


8:00 am



Alliance 313


Nowadays, we hear that one of the conditions for companies to become nimble and build products effectively is collaboration. To build the right things correctly, we need cross-functional teams working together to achieve the same goal.

Easy to say, hard to implement? Right?

I observe that building diverse teams is quite often a weak point during strategy implementation.

So, how to make it work?

It is not enough to just tell people from different departments like customer service, marketing, operations and development: please, come and work together. They have different ways of working, habits, functional leads, and even tools they use for task planning. A leader’s facilitation is crucial. But how exactly do we make it work?

I will share some case studies from my experience of what works and what does not when I organize cross-functional teams to make them work towards the same goal. 

Only real practical examples from my experience of building cross-functional teams!

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