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Kent McDonald

How To Discover the Right Product To Solve the Right Problem


Tuesday, October 20, 2020


9:00 am



Have you ever found yourself working as part of a large program with a lot of activity but not much progress? It could be rewriting a 20 year old system, customizing a COTS application, or building a data warehouse.

You may have been told that adopting agile approaches will help you deliver those types of efforts better, faster, and cheaper. You may have also found out that it’s not quite that simple. If you make your delivery process more efficient, you may just be delivering the wrong solution to the wrong problem faster.

Join Kent McDonald to find out a practical and effective approach to discern if you’re solving the right problem, and discover the right product to address that problem. You’ll learn how to structure your next project to:

*Identify the problem you’re trying to solve

*Make sure the problem is worth solving

*Iteratively discover the right product to solve that problem.

Along the way you’ll learn about and practice a collection of simple techniques that you can use right away.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to use a problem statement to help your team understand the problem you’re trying to solve and determine if it’s worth solving
  • How to use decision filters and story maps to guide your efforts to discover the right product
  • How to use backlog refinement techniques to build a shared understanding of your product

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