How Small Policy Changes Can Yield Large Benefits - Building Business Capability


Kristen Seer

How Small Policy Changes Can Yield Large Benefits


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


4:15 pm


Regency Ballroom 2


Organizations that grow rapidly – particularly through acquisition – face significant challenges in standardizing policies and processes. This is especially true in a retail environment where the companies acquired are well-established stores with their “own way of doing things”. So how do you successfully implement corporate policies and processes in a fiercely-independent culture?

The approach needs to factor in not just the policies and processes themselves, but how to effectively change behavior. This includes:

  • Identifying pain points that can benefit from clearer policies or simplified processes
  • Designing policies and processes that allow for some flexibility
  • Measuring progress towards compliance with the policies and processes
  • Implementing meaningful sanctions for non-compliance. 

OpenRoad Auto Group recognized that a lack of standardization would greatly reduce their ability to identify and develop customer relationships across stores, optimize shared resources such as Accounting, Human Resources (HR) & Information Technology (IT), and provide employees with opportunities across stores. They undertook to standardize their policies and processes, first for HR and then for Accounting.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the role culture plays in implementing policies and procedures
  • To learn the importance of performance measurement
  • To see how sanctions for policy non-compliance can affect behavior

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